Sue Webb is a full time lamp worker and lamp working tutor. She runs her own workshop and also takes lamp work classes at Creative Glass Guild in Bristol. She is also a Trollbeads bead making demonstrator at exhibitions such as Spring Fair Birmingham, Jewellery and Watch and first became involved with Trollbeads in 2012.

Sue has been approved by Trollbeads in Denmark to replicate some of their designs and, when not demonstrating for Trollbeads, she teaches lamp work bead making and fused glass techniques in Bristol.


Sue also enjoys making glass animals and has created her own ebook of animal tutorials which she sells on her website www.sue-webb.co.uk

"My interest in lampwork evolved from a love of glass and making silver jewellery", says Sue.

"When I am demonstrating for Trollbeads I love to listen to the stories that collectors divulge about their beads which can be joyful as well as very poignant sometimes. Many collectors value their beads even more by watching me demonstrate how they are made as they come to appreciate the time and skill that is required to create each individual piece. People are very excited to have a bead made especially for them and I am touched that something I have created can mean so much.

I have been making beads for several years now - and would happily do so all day everyday if time permitted. This craft hits the spot in a way that stained glass, silversmithing and various other craft activities I once enjoyed never did. For many years I was a psychiatric nurse, I now do this, making and teaching - a rather less stressful life!

The aspect that I enjoy best of all now is making little animal sculpture beads. I love the ones that you used to be able to buy in seaside resorts made on the end of the glass rods, these glass artists are not so prevalent now and I haven’t yet been able to find a book to tell me how to do it! In the absence of a book I have come up with a few designs. They are made on the end of the mandrel, which I find gives more control and scope for decoration and also the single hole left can be used as a positive addition to the finished product.

They can be made into beads as well but are not always very wearable."


All of her beads and sculptured animals are made from glass rods. These come in lots of different colours and can be mixed in any combination which makes the finished piece totally unique.

The rod is melted in a torch flame - a mixture of Oxygen and Propane. The molten glass is wrapped around a steel rod. This is rotated to encourage the round shape and any combination of colours can be used. They are then put in a kiln to anneal them which makes them very robust. The beads can take a few minutes to make, or many, depending on the detail and techniques involved.

Sue can be found beavering away at her studio in Henleaze, Bristol. If you would like to contact her regarding lessons, commissions or purchases please e mail her:

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or Tel: 0117 9622992



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