(PPL) Products and public liability insurance is an insurance policy which covers a business following a claim for financial compensation. This can result from a customer, member of the public, even a passer-by making a claim if they are injured or their property or possessions are damaged as a result of your business activities.

HELP! My Silver Has Gone Black!



Does your Sterling Silver tarnish?


Summer months can be a nightmare for lovers of Silver, when, for no obvious reason, your Silver jewellery doesn't look as lustrous as it should. Here we explore some reasons why this happens.

First of all what causes the discolouration?

Persons Authorised to use the mark

1. The Guild of Jewellery Designers trademark and/or logo will be available for use by all members.

2. Individuals utilising Guild of Jewellery Designers products or services but who are not in membership are not authorised to display the logo or use the mark.

  • We check the business has been trading for a minimum of 6 months and has a trading history with another existing business that we can verify

  • We check the name or company name and address of all people involved in running the business:

    • If the applicant is a sole trader or in a business partnership we check the people involved live at the addresses they’ve given us
    • If the applicant is a limited company we check the information they’ve given us matches the records kept by Companies House
  • If an applicant claims to hold any professional memberships we check with the relevant organisation to make sure the registrations are current and the claims are genuine

  • We make sure the business has current PPL insurance cover (Products and public liabi lity)

  • We require the business to disclose any civil court judgments and previous convictions - they must also tell us about current legal proceedings which may be underway

  • We check the County Court Judgements registry to make sure anyone involved in the business has not been sued and then failed to pay the amount awarded against them

  • If the applicant has a website we check it doesn’t make any misleading claims about the business and, if a Limited company, displays all legal requirements with regard to business details


As a general rule we find that only good businesses apply to become GoJD Trusted Designer/Makers. Even so, applicants have been refused membership because they’ve failed 1 or more of our checks.

Once membership is granted, we continually monitor customer complaints and feedback to try to make sure that all our Trusted Designer/Makers are maintaining the standards of the scheme.



All UK based Gold Plus and Gold Extra members of the GoJD benefit from £5,000,000 Public and Products Liability (PPL) insurance through insurers Argo Global SE. and Covéa Insurance plc.

The PPL insurance policy has been specifically designed for jewellery designer/makers and other craftworks and provides craft insurance cover whilst the member is engaged in the following:

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