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Search Engine Optimization. It's something we should all know about if we want our e-commerce websites to actually sell our jewellery instead of sitting on the internet gathering cyberdust, but how many of us start to glaze over at the mention of metadata, keywords and analytics?
In the next part of this series, Lesley H Phillips examines the dos and don'ts of crafting domain names.

Why don’t I get sales or enquiries from my website /online shop?
10, 11 & 12  Age of your website, domain class and where your website is hosted; Keyword within the domain; Keyword use within the URL (the http(s): address at the top of your screen)

Website age. If your website domain is only a year old or you are using a sub domain and you’re trying to compete against a 10 year old site, you won’t stand a chance if they’ve optimised theirs.  You can to ascertain a competitor’s domain age, by using this free tool. It’s highly likely that their website is as old as their domain.

If you own a .com domain or are using a sub domain (for example: a free website with weebly.com / a Folksy or Etsy shop), then you will be at a major disadvantage when it comes to optimising your site in the UK against a .co.uk.  A sub domain will be the hardest site of all to obtain ranking. Folksy is UK based, so is the best of the three examples for optimisation.
The search engines will pull results for UK residents about sites which are based in the UK first and foremost.  So to rank in the UK - own a .co.uk domain, be hosted in the UK with a UK registrar and you’ve made a good start.  Consider the fact that we spell jewellery as such – you’re unlikely to be found in the USA for this spelling if you’ve purchased a .com in the hope of tapping into a wider market.

If you haven’t already purchased a domain or set up your Etsy/Folksy shop you can take some time to think about getting your chosen keyword in the domain. Assuming it’s available of course!  

Keyword in URL.  All pages, excluding your home page can include your chosen keyword.  You will see in this example in the http:// that my stockists are named “outlet stores”.  
When you set up a new page, merely include your chosen keyword within it when you name it.

Lesley H Phillips

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