A Jeweller's Guide to SEOSearch Engine Optimization. It's something we should all know about if we want our e-commerce websites to actually sell our jewellery instead of sitting on the internet gathering cyberdust, but how many of us start to glaze over at the mention of metadata, keywords and analytics?

In the last part of this series Lesley H Phillips explains how to monitor your website's performance and use the data for fine tuning your SEO practices.

Why don’t I get sales or enquiries from my website / online shop?
18 Analyse your performance

Have you heard of Google Analytics?  If you haven’t got an account, sign up now!  Your website host might provide data, but it’s likely to include your housekeeping visits or will perhaps count hits, rather than visits.  Hits include all the pages/images the visitor has clicked, so could be extraordinarily higher than your actual traffic.  You firstly need to know how many individuals have visited your site.
Most hosts will admit that Google Analytics is prone to be more accurate.  

Here’s a snapshot of some of the information you can gain from Google Analytics.
It will detail the keywords by which the searcher landed on your site, the number of people who have visited / by what means they reached you.  You can break the reports down further and find out which page of the site the visitor landed and even which search engine they used to find you.
Other reports include the number of pages visited and bounce rates.

I’ve naturally removed specific details, but you will see that despite not optimising my name it is bringing in traffic from a general search because it is my domain.

Once you ascertain which keywords are working well for you, you can begin ‘tweaking’.  


Hopefully, you have found the articles both interesting (as interesting as SEO can be!) and informative.

SEO is something that anyone can do.  I, for instance am not a computer “whizz kid” – indeed when I was at school when we had the computer block built, it was so exciting that a competition was held to name the computers. (Giving my age away!!!!)  I have merely spent the last 5 – 6 years learning how to it can be done and I am happy to share my research.   
If you would like to join up and follow my blog, I write hints and tips for small businesses on a regular basis.  http://silverhandmadejewellery.blogspot.co.uk/

N.B. The websites mentioned in these articles for SEO purposes are not in any way sponsored by The Guild of Jewellery Designers or myself.  Although I use them, I can offer no guarantees for the data provided, nor the security of the sites.

Lesley H Phillips

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