Obtaining a domain name is a relatively easy process, but the choice of your name can have a major impact on your placing with the search engines.

Choosing a name that gives the public an idea of your business and what your site is all about makes it a lot easier to find.

The name should be kept short, memorable and easy to spell. Non traditional spellings of words should be avoided as they could make it difficult for your future visitors to find you. Keywords within the name are of benefit because search engines give preference to the words within a domain name and a '.com' extension is still preferable to '.net' or '.co.uk' as it is more easily remembered.

If you have a long established business it is always a good idea to register the original company name as your main address and also to have a few other names registered with keywords specific to your industry, you can then have visitors redirected to your main site.

Try as well to be original with your choice of domain name. Registering a name that has a slight variation on an already registered name may be a tempting thing to do but it can have a negative effect on the image of your company. This technique is commonly known as 'domain squatting' and as such is frowned upon by all but the practitioners of this technique.

If you register a domain with the sole intention of making money from reselling it or getting revenue from people typing in the domain name then that is domain squatting.

In summary - a good effective domain name is essential when setting up your website.

Try to use keywords within the name that your potential visitors will be searching for with a '.com' extension as your ideal choice to improve your search engine results.


Article Author: Alan Hadley www.geti.cc

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