So, what are they then?

Commentators have noticed a gradual shift in consumer tastes over the past few years, with ‘unique’ products and experiences becoming just as sought after as luxury brand commodities.
Wearing the latest designer accessory isn’t necessarily the ultimate consumer goal anymore – being able to tell a story about what you’ve bought, is.

Brands used to tell customers a story about their products (for example, Gucci associates itself with glamour, luxury and wealth – a customer buys a Gucci product and earns the respect of others who understand the brand). Now retailers are seeking ways to help consumers tell stories to other consumers about their purchases.


A shift away from mass consumerism and towards individualism means that different values are more important now:


People love to tell stories about their fingerprint pendants, birthstone bracelets and all sorts of other symbolic  jewellery.
“This is what it means – this is how I had it made – this is all about the delightful man/lady who made it for me – this is about their fabulous shop/gift wrap/complimentary blueberry muffins/after sales service” It’s not just the jewellery that’s unique.


Something that everyone can see makes it so much easier to tell a story. A friend sees you wearing an unusual bangle or maybe spots an intriguing piece of marketing on a key fob or a leaflet and asks about it. Voila! You get to tell a fabulously interesting story and gain the admiration of your friend!


Think about other angles you can use to enhance your products.
Local, donating, authentic, community based projects, recycling, participating, showcasing skills, talking about your raw materials and where they came from.
Any way that you can point out the uniqueness of your product and business in a creative way will help your customers develop a story to tell their friends and ensure that you are part of their story.

Check the 'Jewellery Trends' news section on this website for examples of jewellery with a status story. 

(this is my personal favourite!)

Jayne Coulson

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