Starting an internet business and making it successful is hard, frustrating, time consuming and, at times, demoralising. There are no short cuts to riches beyond your wildest dreams, but that isn't to say that making a fortune online isn't achievable – if that's what you want. To many, the reality is that your website will achieve very low traffic flowing through it and sales that are few and far between.

So, with that in mind, what can you do to improve your chances of making a success of your online business?


One of the most important aspects of any business, whether it be online or bricks and mortar, is that you love what you do. Working long hours and getting up first thing in the morning buzzing with ideas that you can't wait to implement are big factors in your success and the fact that you're reading this probably means that the area of interest that drives you is making jewellery.


Find your niche.

Having now discovered that you love making jewellery and are really passionate about it, you need to find out if other people are equally as passionate about what you can do and there are plenty of people that like your product enough to buy it. Jewellery making covers a broad spectrum of items produced and a little research to find a niche market within that area can make all the difference to your success. A niche market is simply a small, targeted group of like minded people sharing a specific interest. The more niche your target group is, the easier it is to obtain higher rankings in search engines and so produce sales.

Unfortunately, not everyone will want or like your product, so concentrate your efforts on the people that do and you will find far better results than you will trying to sell your jewellery to everybody.

If you've decided that your area of focus is to be the wedding market and you realise that competition in this area is too broad, try narrowing the field to high end Celtic wedding rings, for example, and you might have a much better success rate.


Problem solving.

Having now found out where your niche jewellery market lies, you need to develop your product range and tailor it to what people want. It is a lot easier to find out what people want and then provide it instead of making the product and then trying to find the customers to sell it to.

Your range of jewellery may be the next 'big thing', but you won't sell any in great volume unless you convince your potential customers that they can afford it, need it and, above all, want it.


Wot's the benefit to me?

Features are simply facts about your jewellery – benefits explain what advantages your customer will receive from wearing your jewellery.

Simply listing the features of your jewellery product won't instil the desire to buy (6mm, Dome profile Silver ring with 3 x 2mm diameter diamonds randomly spaced). Emphasize how the jewellery will benefit the customer and make their lives easier (Dome profile Silver ring with curved internal fit for extra comfort during daily wear. The medium 6mm width reduces the feeling of bulkiness whilst still maintaining the feeling of substance and the 3 x 2mm brilliant cut diamonds add a subtle touch of style without breaking the bank.)


Hey! I'm different!

Emphasizing your own unique selling point (or proposition) (USP) sets you aside from your competition. Tell your customers how they will benefit from buying your product over somebody elses. For example, your USP could be that your after sales service is better, your product is of a higher standard of construction, you may have specialist knowledge that is not available elsewhere or you may be offering special incentives to buy that nobody else does. Explain to them exactly what makes you special and why they should buy from you.


Information is the key.

The majority of people do not go online specifically to buy something, they go online looking for information and so, faced with a hard sell, are quickly turned off never to return to your site. Take time to educate your customer and present yourself as an expert in your field. Give them as much information as you possibly can and turn your website into a valuable resource, this will build your reputation and give them a reason to return. Once you gain your visitors trust, they will buy your jewellery again and again.

Newsletters are an excellent way to provide information on a regular basis and help to establish you as an industry expert – having articles and videos published online with a backlink to your website are another, plus the more backlinks you get from other websites, the higher your website will appear in the natural search engine rankings.


Don't be afraid to ask.

As a rule, we're very polite on our websites and tend to imply what we want our visitors to do. Nobody really likes to tell people what to do for fear of upsetting them, but, unless you take the direct approach, you will only see mediocre results.

Include a call to action and tell them what you want them to do:

'Click here to subscribe to our newsletter'

'Read the full article'

'Take our survey'

'Enter our contest'

'Click here to upgrade to Gold Membership' :-)

'Buy this product'

Marketing studies show time and again that your sales will increase tenfold simply by asking for an order for your product.

Get the picture? :-)


Part 2 to follow …........................


Author: Alan Hadley GETi Titanium Rings

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