The Knew Concept saw  has been designed and manufactured by Lee Marshall in the United States. It is constructed from heat treated aluminium, making the saw the most lightweight saw frame currently available,  it's structure reduces flex,  increasing rigidity  and thus allowing precision piercing. The saw is available in three sizes, 8", 5" and 3" and is a striking red colour, this apparently is because in clinical trials, red has been shown to be a colour that encourages accuracy !

knew concept saw


The blade is inserted in the lower holder and the clamp screw is turned to secure.

knew concept saw


The other end of the blade is then inserted into the upper holder and the clamp screw is tightened at which point the blade bows slightly.

knew concept saw


The unique tensioning system enables you to turn the adjusting knob until the blade has reached the desired tension. The frame is completely rigid and will not flex and therefore you are unable to utilise the usual method of pushing the frame against the bench whilst tightening the securing screw in  order  to create tension.

knew concept saw

The saw is priced at $49 and is worth every single penny, my first revelation was discovering how light it was, which obviously is a huge plus if you are planning a lengthy piercing session, but have found that, despite it lightness, it's a sturdy well made tool.


Inserting the blades is very quick and easy, the tensioning system is simple to operate and quite clearly preferable to the traditional method of pushing the handle with your chest against the bench to create sufficient tension.


There has definitely been a noticeable increase in accuracy  when piercing straight lines and I find that it handles tight turns significantly more effectively than my traditional saw with fewer blade breakages, making intricate piercing  quicker and far more precise with a cleaner cut requiring less finishing.


The Knew Concept saw is definitely one of my favourite top five tools and I would heartily recommend it.

Lisa Quinn

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