Theoretically a straightforward job, adjusting a ring band to make it smaller can go awry without a clear plan and accurate practice. Here, master of precision Dave Wallis takes us through the process.

It's a straightforward 9ct small gold ring which needs sizing down two sizes, from K to I. It should have 2.5mm taken out of the band.
















It started off as size K














Here's the front of the ring














As usual, the shank needs to be heated with a hissy oxidising flame for a few seconds to show any previous joins.














This one's clearly been in the wars, the solder from a previous join is all over the place, there are voids and the saw cuts are untidy to say the least.














The length is set up using digital calipers and transferred on to dividers for marking the ring.














The dividers will scribe the length to be removed, but before that I want to make the first cut - outside the soldered join.














Once this has been cut, use the cut edge to rest the dividers on to scribe the line for the next cut.














The cut is made inside the line, to allow for filing and adjustment before soldering, but it looks about right.














Make sure the ends meet well together - a process of repetitive bend, then check (and repeat until right).














Soldered, buffed and polished . .


Article author Dave Wallis   http://www.bywol.co.uk/  

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