To make a toggle clasp I have used 2mm sterling silver wire but depending on the size of toggle required, thinner wire may be used









First make a large round jump ring, this one measures 15mm outer diameter.  I have used a steel punch as a mandrel to wind the wire onto. You will also need two smaller jump rings in the same diameter wire







 You will also need a straight piece of wire for the toggle - this measures 22cm.  Now make two more jump rings but in a thinner wire; I used 1mm wire.  These need to have an inner diameter of the wire you are using for the toggle. The easiest way to do this is wrap the wire round the 2mm wire









You can hold the jump rings more easily to saw them, if you make small notches to butt them up against on the bench peg










Melt two small pieces of scrap silver to make the balls that go on the end of the toggle












Now put it all together.  With medium solder, solder one of the smaller of the two 2mm jump rings onto the larger ring and the other one onto the piece of straight wire









and then with easy solder, solder a jump ring and ball to each end of the toggle









File and emery away any solder marks and pop it into the tumbler or polish.











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