Last year I was fortunate to be asked, by their designer and maker Lee Marshall, to test the Knew Concept aluminium framed saw frames.
I found the Knew Concept saw frames a pleasure to use, mainly because of their lightweight construction.

Once you have mastered the technique of tensioning the blades I can see the benefits of working with such lightweight saw frames.

I tested the 5 inch Knew Concept saw frame when piercing a silver bowl overlay of five inches in diameter. This design had a pattern that repeats itself six times around the circumference of the silver dome. The pierced overlay would be fitted over a guilloche enamelled silver bowl fitted so that the enamel work is a background to the pierced overlay design.

The Knew Concept saw frames are well balanced, which makes them comfortable to use. I sometimes find that when using deep framed saw frames, my wrist can ache while supporting the weight of the frame as I mostly pierce with the saw frame at right angles to my wrist. Another benefit using this saw frame was that I had no saw blade breakage’s while piercing this entire piece. Considering that I was piercing the bowl overlay for nearly four hours this was an unexpected benefit.

I think the tensioning screw method on the Knew Concept saw frame allowed me to be more precise when tensioning my saw blades as opposed to my usual method of just using my chest to depress the saw frame and tension the blade.
I had no trouble with the blade loosening within the saw frame, or wandering offline while piercing.

I did have to keep stopping myself from using my chest to tension the saw blades, as old habits are hard to change. I must admit that the light weight of the saw frame made a pleasant improvement in my manoeuvrability while piercing, I found I was gripping the saw handle lighter in my hand, which made direction changes easier and quicker. I was using a lighter than usual touch with my fingers when changing saw frame angles. I am sure these frames will be a benefit to me as my wrist and finger strengths dwindle with age.

The saw frame’s light weight compared to standard saw frames being their best attribute, they are a much improved design on a standard saw frame.

These saw frames are available in the UK from Palmers Metals and Suttons Tools.

James Miller FIPG.


Rio Grande’s technical team in the USA voted for the best new tools of 2010
The Knew Concept saw frame was voted Number 1
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