The Next Level Business Programme is an intensive 12-day course which focuses on taking your business to the next level in its evolution. The course starts from the premise that business is fundamentally a creative undertaking and you already know how to be creative.


It's just a matter of learning how to manipulate a new set of tools and materials. It's not a course in linear business planning. Just like any other craft, entrepreneurship is a journey of exploration which necessarily includes uncertainty and surprise. The course will help you zig-zag with confidence in the direction you'd like to follow and get your business to the next level. It will also help you develop an entrepreneurial mindset as a creative habit.

How will this happen?
By using the same principles of experimentation, innovation, risk-taking, questioning and discovery, within a highly supportive learning environment, that are used to teach creative disciplines at Central St. Martins. Through a series of  progressive assignments inside and outside the classroom you will take the first steps to designing a sustainable business portfolio that harnesses your individual talents and fits your personal values and ambitions as well as those for your business.

These are not just exercises, you will work on your real business project and determine who your customers are, what your product line should be, craft your presentation to potential customers, design and improve your business model and make the new contacts with outsiders who are best placed to help you grow your business.

Who is this for?
The course has been designed for creative professionals who are already in business (selling a product or service), but want to plan and take the next steps to significantly grow their sales and profit in a sustainable manner.

How does it work?
The course uses a taught as well as “action learning” format, you will gain knowledge and experience which you can then test in your own business inbetween seminars and speaker sessions. The course has been designed to accommodate the needs of business owners so it is run once a week on midweek evenings between 6pm and 9pm in Kings Cross.

The course combines four elements:
1. Lessons in Creative Entrepreneurial Strategy from an experienced practitioner and teacher.
2. Expert guest speakers (in Accounting, IP protection, Exporting, Business Management)
3. Peer support while you work on your own business project with other business owners who are facing similar challenges to you
4. One-on-one mentoring sessions from the teacher to focus on your specific issues and supplement group sessions. (extra fees apply)

What will be covered ?
Module 1- Business Potential Diagnosis: Understanding - where you are and where you want to go next.
Module 2- Designing your Value: Positioning and Differentiation
Module 3- Communicating your Value: Revenue Streams and Channels
Module 4- Building It: Operations - Implementation and Resources
Module 5- The Dashboard: Finance
Module 6- Putting it All Together: Implementation and Pitching

Additional guest speakers will cover the following subjects:
-Essential business finance
-Selling abroad and exporting
-IP protection and exploitation
-Sales and distribution channels

£245.00 for the full course of 12 sessions running from February 27 to May 22 2013

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Contact, enquiry and booking details:
Ismaril Wells
Central Saint Martins College of Arts & Design
Granary Building, 1 Granary Square, London, N1C 4AA
(T) 020 7514 6000 ext. 4191
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A previous attendee of CSM Business Courses delivered by Paul Sturrock said:

"I did the business course as I had worked as part of a collective for 2 years and
wanted to figure out how to develop a professional structure to ensure our
sustainability.  Before the course, I was a little unclear of how to sell and speak
about our work. However, over the weeks, Paul, the course leader, helped
me untangle the core elements of our business to translate what we do into
simple language. I found his teaching method very accessible where his use of
practical examples from the class to demonstrate a lesson/idea made it easy
and tangible to grasp.
I am delighted I did this course as it has demystified and simplified the steps
needed to develop a business and given me confidence to continue working for
myself, doing what I love."

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