Suspended in GreenApplications are now invited to participate in the forthcoming ‘Suspended in Green’ exhibition.
Now in its third and final year, the ‘Suspended’ exhibitions seek to explore the world of jewellery as it is now.
This is a call out for jewellery that explores the theme GREEN, in all its facets.

Green is just a colour, yet it can also stand for so much more.
It’s the colour of money, of envy and of inexperience.
It can stand for ethical products, the environment, symbolize fertility and nature.
We talk about green shamrocks for luck, the green eyed monster, and green fingers. You can give someone the green light, be a greenhorn or be part of the green revolution.

‘Suspended in Green’ is seeking out jewellery which explores these themes and ideas, through precious and non-precious materials.

The result will be a juxtaposition of jewellers, themes and styles, all suspended from the gallery’s ceiling, which will invite the viewer to engage and interact with the work.

There will be an additional element to the suspended show, in that each selected artist will show one gallery/museum piece, which can be sold for any price -  as well as a series (of between 3 and 10) ‘Shop’ pieces, which must have a retail price of €40 (£35) each.

These ‘Shop’ pieces must be directly related to the Gallery/Museum piece submitted.

The submissions for initial selection must be received by August 21, 2013 electronically to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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This will be a touring exhibition, with venues so far confirmed in Munich and Vienna as well as others in the pipeline, including the UK.

The previous exhibition 'Suspended in Pink' (which has been met with no small measure of critical acclaim!) is halfway through its tour, and is currently showing in the USA.

Venue: Studio Gabi Green (Munich, Germany)
Dates: 13 Mar 2014 - 17 Mar 2014

44 Hockley Street



B18 6BH

Tel: +44 (0)121 507 0994

Company number 07258309

ICO Registration No: ZA460029