Silversmithing - A Contemporary Guide to MakingA new book has just arrived on the marketplace that promises to become a staple on every silverworker's bookshelf. 'Silversmithing A Contemporary Guide to Making' by Brian Hill and Andrew Putland includes the work of many current and cutting edge designers as well as in-depth and comprehensive examinations of essential techniques.

In addition to promoting the traditional origins of handmaking craft skills, this lavish book explains the latest techniques and opportunities that exist for today's designer silversmith. It emphasizes the importance of acquiring fundamental skills as a basis to creating stunning and innovative designs, and illustrates this with fabulous case studies from leading silversmiths. Written by two experienced designer craftsmen, this book takes a fresh and exciting approach by converting craft theory into visual language that informs, educates and inspires you to try a new technique, extend your skills and develop your own personal direction.
Hiroshi Suzuki
Topics covered include:

• Comprehensive account of manufacturing techniques
• The cultural and historical context of the making and crafting of silverware
• Unique collection and profile of designers in handmaking, production and technology
• Practical hands-on advice throughout the chapters
• World-class examples of surface decoration and specialist aspects of the craft
• An in-depth and inspirational guide to 21st century silversmithing

Furthermore, this sumptuously illustrated book has been written to cater for craftspeople of many disciplines and abilities, including silversmiths, metalworkers, designers and jewellers.

In order to launch the book, the featured work from international designers such as Hiroshi Suzuki, Brett Payne, Chris Knight, Rod Kelly and Wayne Meeten (to name a few) is now on display at The Goldsmiths’ Centre. Open now and until 30 June, it offers a fascinating insight into the creative and diverse world of contemporary silversmithing.
 Brett Payne
Brian Hill says, “Visitors will view a unique collection of stunning silversmithing from the designers profiled in our book, which primarily focuses on the importance of using correct techniques and process in manufacturing silverware to high standards of craftsmanship.
“This collective will create an eclectic array of work representative of designers in industry, designer makers and the next generation of silversmiths.

“We want to encourage the wider design community to be able to explore the wonderful world of metalworking crafts. This exhibition typifies and endorses the values of learning traditional techniques of manufacture but equally illustrates the exciting opportunities that technology is providing to explore and develop new techniques in partnership with the core principals of the craft.
The exhibition 'Silversmithing: A Celebration of Excellence' will also be a part of Clerkenwell Design Week, the UK’s leading independent design festival, running from 20-22 May.

Brian Hill & Andrew Putland’s book, ‘Silversmithing - A Contemporary Guide to Making’ is available now for sale on Amazon.

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