The work of over 25 contemporary jewellers from across the country can be seen at New Brewery Arts in their next exhibition.

The show highlights the breadth of approaches and range of materials used by today’s makers when exploring the adornment of the body. It is an opportunity to see the work of contemporary jewellers who take unexpected materials and transform them into unusual and desirable jewellery.

The exhibition includes the work of Internationally renowned contemporary jewellers exhibiting for the first time in Cirencester as well as the fresh talent of new makers just stepping out in their careers.

Jane Adam, an established maker, was inspired by the exhibitions’ title – Alchemy.

‘I start off with a base metal and transform it, and for me that’s what matters’ said Jane, ‘the transformation, the artistic story, the dialogue with the material and what I bring to it.’

‘Anodised aluminium is a blank canvas, in itself not terribly interesting, but it has qualities that you can bring out of it – by applying colour or stressing it.’

Jane welcomes the opportunity to exhibit with and learn from other makers and their work.

Karen Bartlett works with copper wire to produce sculptural forms. She injects fun and colour by using powder coating, semi precious stones in silver and gold plated settings, and then adds rubber bands which can be used in different configurations to go with different outfits.

Karen says, ‘Rubber bands are something we see very day and take for granted. It’s taking something ordinary and elevating it, giving it a different status. Jewellery doesn’t have to be gold and silver to be precious, desirable and wearable.

Sally Collins’ work is based on the tradition of make do and mend and uses the domestic crafts passed down from mothers and grandmothers. Sally trained as a silversmith and combines precious and non precious metals with reclaimed materials such as fabrics, lace, wool and pieces of old teacups.

She is inspired by the idea of over ornamentation, beginning her creative process with a simple, undecorated form and building it up to become more and more decorative. ‘I work with materials and forms’, she says, ‘each time adding an extra layer. I’m exploring the question “when is enough enough?” and I haven’t come up with the answer yet.’

Alchemy runs from 14 January to 27 February 2011 at New Brewery Arts, Cirencester.

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