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Victoria RadcliffeThe thirtieth annual exhibition from New Designers, the expansive fair that showcases the work of the years’ graduating creative arts students, opened last week with the buzz and excitement that we have come to expect from this cutting-edge event. Perusing the jewellery and metalwork section was akin to discovering Aladdin’s cave of wonders, with marvellous objet and fresh ideas around each corner, just waiting to be discovered. This year’s students also appear to be a chatty bunch, ever eager to share the ideas behind their design concepts and making a visit to ND thoroughly enjoyable!

It was hard to pick out the highpoints this year from the hundreds of students exhibiting in the jewellery and metalwork section and so my shortlist of featured students is somewhat subjective!

As in previous years, three students will be chosen from the shortlist to receive a free GoJD Gold Membership for the duration of one year. The intention is that the mix of PPL insurance, supplier discounts and the Designer Directory listing will go some way towards smoothing the path of self-employment in their first year of trading as artisan jewellers. We are specifically seeking individuals whose intention it is to begin trading straightaway and who have a strong online presence, so as to best utilize the promotional opportunities that membership of the guild brings. We are also looking for jewellery collections that possess a firm commercial edge as well as a strong usp and originality of thought (Phew! We’re a demanding bunch…!)

Julia Cowie – Duncan of Jordanstone

Julia Cowie
Julia’s collection of hand crafted bowls is remarkable in its diversity and method of creation. The wonderfully organic pieces are mainly cast using various beach sands and then sometimes hot forged to create the vessel’s shape. Some of her pieces are cast using a mix of metals (to stunning effect) and then occasionally filed back to create a new texture – a new visual treat. Listening to her describe her making method gave the impression of a craftsperson who works with sensitivity and spontaneity, treating each piece as unique and feeling the right action to take next for it to fully achieve its potential. I loved the comment that she made about her making technique ‘If they told me that it couldn’t be done…well…I just had to try it!’


Victoria Radcliffe – Sheffield Hallum

Victoria Radcliffe
Victoria raises metal cups which she then attaches to ergonomic stone handles to create the most satisfyingly masculine beer mugs – I felt quite ‘alpha male’ just lifting them up (and I’m a girl!) To add another level of intrigue, she makes a stone hammer for each mug from a similar type of rock that the handle is made from and then uses that hammer to embellish the metal of the mug. Beer mug and hammer - the perfect man gift!


Ina Norrman – Middlesex University

Ina Norrman
Psychologist Ina Norrman designs jewellery that reflects her fascination for examining how materials can affect our state of mind and emotional wellbeing. Abstract and minimalist in appearance, her pieces nurture the wearer by having tactile elements and beautiful surprises hidden away: a projectile paper on which is written a joke; a breakable vessel containing an emergency paper balloon (to diffuse anger); a kit containing the materials to ‘let go’ of a problem (paper, pencil, match). Ina designs jewellery that leaves you feeling warm inside :)


Checkie Ieong – Glasgow School of Art

Checkie Ieong

Checkie takes her inspiration from the texture, structure and construction of organic forms, including microscopic images of plant and flower cells. Using precious metals and fresh water pearls within her work, she also places emphasis on the interaction between the wearer and the piece by incorporating kinetic elements to her work, as well as being keen to create wearable couture jewellery. The result is an alluring collection of pieces that are almost baroque in appearance whilst being both captivating and innovative.


Rachel Blair - Glasgow School of Art

Rachel Blair
Rachel is interested in creating pieces which contain a balance of material, pressure and tension. Her pieces are mainly constructed from silver and gold wire frames with tension set wound papers. These papers, inspired by the drawing materials that she uses during her design process, are all hand dyed and wound individually to create intricate patterns incorporating flaws and ripples. She uses papers to create pieces that have a sense of preciousness, papers that are usually worthless, but when manipulated and set in a precious metal hold a much greater meaning. By using paper, her pieces have a limited lifetime; it is the wearing away of the precious papers within the metal band that provides the jewellery’s significance.


Rachel Codd – Cardiff Metropolitan University

Rachel Codd

Rachel works with classical narratives to create resplendent and wearable ceramic jewellery which is rich in ornate detail.
Her work is the result of a desire to create pieces to not just view, but also wear and become a part of. Her present body of work has been inspired by ‘La Bella Donna Mia Mente’ (Lovely Lady of My Memory) by Oscar Wilde. By relating her take on each verse of the poem into a necklace, each part of her collection portrays a facet of feminine human beauty, creating a range that is both intricate and stunning.


India Mee – Middlesex University

India Mee
India Mee’s most recent collection has been shaped by her experience of living in a city environment, surrounded by grey buildings and industrial landscapes. India wanted to make pieces of jewellery that could alter the wearer’s direct view of this and so has produced a range of perfectly constructed jewellery pieces with hidden kaleidoscopes! These pieces are the ultimate in whimsy – beautifully solid rings and neckpieces that provide the wearer with hours of idle amusement.


Winners of the Gold Memberships will be announced soon.

Jayne Coulson




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