At 10:40 a.m. on February 12, 1947 a fireball entered the Earth’s atmosphere and streaked its way across the sky of eastern Siberia.


It broke up about 5 miles above the Earth’s surface and around 70 tons of iron meteorites showered down on the Siberian landscape, producing over 100 craters -  the largest being around 85 feet in diameter. A total of 23 tons of meteorites were recovered from the site. 

Jewellers C W Sellors have crafted an exclusive new style of cufflink utilising this meteorite which has been lightened through a unique etching process and cut to reveal its striking internal structure.

Each meteorite features individual thumb-print like surface depressions and distortions which results in each piece being entirely unique.
The cufflinks are part of a range which includes bracelets and pendants made from darker, untreated meteorite. The collection has evolved from a collection originally produced by James Sellors.

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