The last couple of seasons have seen an unbridled explosion of creativity in jewellery making. Some jewellery designs have developed in an unfettered way which has seen pieces fashioned from such unconventional sources as pasta, electronic circuitry, crisp packets and roadkill.

The fashion conscious public have become bolder and more daring – statement jewellery has become a staple which everyone now wears, to the extent that it no longer makes a statement. It presently has to be bigger or bolder / more creative or different, to be desirable.







Statement jewellery is still very much in evidence for 2012, but jewellery designers now have to work harder in order to entice their customers to purchase. An undistinguished metal cuff or chandelier is no longer enough to make that sale, nor is an unrestrained jumble of materials. Times are difficult and uncertain for many people and they won’t necessarily buy more of what they already have.








It feels very much as if S/S 2012 is the time when jewellery design ‘grows up’. Gone are the mad excesses of the past year when anything that was big, bold and wild was also embraced: now design is more considered, with greater respect, innovation and creativity. 2012 is seeing a plethora of designs with real design integrity – collections and pieces of jewellery that are clearly the product of a thoughtful design process.





Characteristics across the spring/summer themes are:

•    Statement pieces which are now bigger and more unusual than before
•    Patterns on the surface of jewellery pieces and beads
•    Vibrant colour in stones, beads, resin and enamels
•    Layered necklaces & stacked bracelets
•    Collections of chains on their own and teamed with other materials
•    Smaller, more carefully crafted pieces in precious/precious look metals
•    Pearls in various colours and both modern and traditional arrangements
•    Handmade finishes, brushed, hammered, granulated, engraved



And the themes for SS12 are:

•    LINE & FORM – the theme of architecture and form in clothing has cultivated a masculine, fitted style for women, which has inspired a new elegance and innovation in jewellery design. The asymmetric curves and lines of sharp tailoring are now echoed in solid construction jewellery pieces.
•    CANDY PASTELS – baby hues, sometimes mixed for maximum impact and oversized to create bold feminine statements.
•    OCEANLIFE – organically inspired pieces from the seabed, with shapes from sea based animals (real and mythical!) and pattern & texture motivated by the natural coastline environment.
•    LADYLIKE DRESSING – the return of the dress for everyday wear has brought along with it a revival of traditionally feminine jewellery, in the form of beads, tassels, pearls, gems and other embellishments with a retro 50’s feel, as well as vintage look jewellery in general.





The maxim for 2012 has to be integrity. It is the originality of what we make that will capture the attention of our customers, not the monotony.

Jayne Coulson

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