Camali DesignJust when we thought that jewellery couldn’t possibly get any larger, Spring/Summer 2013 arrives with jewellery pieces that are even bigger and brighter than before.

Wearing one super, oversized piece of statement jewellery and little else (jewellery-wise) is a look that is being cultivated this SS13, although there is still space for the more subtle, delicate pieces, designed and crafted with originality of thought and attention to finish.

Personalised pieces are still very much in demand as customers strive to find that ‘unique’ piece of jewellery without the expense of using diamond encrusted 18ct gold; here sentiment takes the place of precious materials to create jewellery of value.

By Paula

Brand new materials are also being employed by the innovators amongst us; laminates and compounds so experimental that they don’t always have a name, creating unique finishes and forms to satiate the more demanding and adventurous jewellery enthusiasts. Plastic jewellery is a big story for this coming season.

Characteristics across the spring/summer themes are:

-    Size. Almost every piece from ear hoops and chandeliers to cuffs, collars, brooches and bibs is huge, huge, huge
-    Colour. Neons are prevalent this season, as well as pastels and brights. Whether the hue comes from wood, textile, metal or stones, colour is the driving element in many of this season’s pieces (Pantone tells us that emerald is the colour for 2013)
-    Structure. Regardless of the trend, traditional shapes are being given a new and stronger update with an almost architectural take. Art deco or cluster pieces are transformed into mini sculptures where the inspiration is unmistakeable, as well as their identity as a truly 21st century pieceCamali Design
-    Look out for the transient trends of the season such as wrap bracelets, collar necklaces and sautoirs. Like the big hole bead charm bracelet trend that came and went, they are unlikely to be around for more than a few seasons, but by creating your own unique design and tying it in with your existing style, it could prove a successful addition to a jewellers’ range.

Phoenix Tree

and the themes for SS13 are:

-    Geometry. Lines, squares, diamonds and especially triangles all figure in this strong look, executed in metals, wood, plastics and textiles
-    Vintage inspired pieces with a modern makeover and playful colour pallets ooze femininity and make for wearable jewellery pieces for the bright summer months. Shapes from 1920s Art Deco right through to the 50s, 60s and 70s have a familiar look and form that is easy to customise to modern tastes without presenting outlandish pieces.
-    Feminine & Floral. A celebration of prettiness with nature and flower shapes in pastel hues, executed in crystals, enamels, plastics, textiles and resins.
-    Eclectic tribal. Influences from Africa and Asia including huge bead arrangements in vivid hues, rows of linked elements forming wide collars and cuffs and huge gems in resplendent settings as well as found objects and organic materials embellished to make wearable sculptures
-    Modern Sci-fi. Futuristic looking materials like metals, plastics and manmade media are used for high tech designs, producing sleek modern pieces fit for the space age. Jewellers are beginning to realise the vast range of possibilities that CAD design can offer; highly intricate three dimensional forms, almost impossible to fashion by hand and executed with smooth precision. With laser sintering technology now available to UK jewellers, we can look forward to evermore fantastic designs emerging over the next few years.

Jayne Coulson