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Sarah HaynesTrends for SS14 carry many themes from seasons past: sizeable statement pieces, heavy chains and mixed media jewellery to name a few. What sets this season’s look apart is the detail.

There has been a special emphasis on marrying various patterns, colours and textures alongside each other in this season’s clothing ranges that would not ordinarily hang comfortably together, somewhat reminiscent of the manner in which traditional Japanese artists elegantly depict disparate patterns alongside each other.

This practice has been extended to accessories, where the trend for mixed media jewellery is still going strong and being pushed further aesthetically by juxtaposing materials and design elements in a more adventurous, avant-garde way, sometimes using a precious material alongside a very inexpensive one to emphasise the point.

Mead Moon

One other notable point for Spring/Summer ’14 is the way that the new ‘modes’ of jewellery that have emerged over the past couple of years (the ear cuffs, multi-finger rings, bracelet ring chains etc.) have become staples in some designers collections and, crucially, on the high street, being sold alongside the more traditional earrings, necklaces and bracelets. This season has also seen the emergence of mid-finger rings, finger-tip rings and even the mid-hand bracelet. These may be the sorts of trends that last a season or two and then disappear, but if your customer base is of a younger demographic (under 35) it would be well worth considering extending your repertoire into these areas.

Characteristics across the Spring/Summer themes are:

- Statement pieces. Sizable unique jewellery pieces that define the wearer are still a big story, whether they are earrings, cuffs, neckpieces or other body jewellery
- Pastels are prevalent this season in many guises, but most notably in the form of opaque gems.Jesa Marshall
- Chains in various colours, finishes and weights, very often multi-layered and as an element in mixed media pieces.
- Uncommon gemstones are being featured more heavily. As the trend for stones in various cuts, rough slices and rock jewellery gains momentum, customers are increasingly searching for more unusual varieties of stones.
- Mixed Media to the max! Patterns, hues, shapes, gems and materials are being heaped onto jewellery pieces across many of the trends.
- Transparent materials are being increasingly employed, often to physically anchor key features in a design and create the illusion of ‘floating’ elements such as gems and chains.

Erika Price
The themes for SS14 are:

- Lavish Embellishment. Opulent pieces with inspiration taken from neoclassical, baroque and renaissance influences. Pieces that pile sumptuous elements over each other and employ rich textures and colours.
- Surreal Kitsch. Bold iconic designs that borrow from 20th century pop artists and street fashion, such as cartoonesque lips, hearts, words and messages.
- Resplendent Nature. Flowers, birds, bees and butterflies all feature in this season’s look, seen in small delicate earrings and necklaces as well as the larger busy pieces.
- Ethnic Jewels. Tribal and Eastern influenced jewellery is still a vibrant trend, lending itself very well to the influence of mixed-media with traditional textures and patterns sitting alongside each other and now experiencing an upgrade with more stones and jewels being included in these designs.
- Delicate. Tiny, carefully crafted elements hung on light chains and sometimes worn layered. Designs often include inspiration from the birds-bees-butterflies trend and can be treated with a touch of oxidisation, a textured finish or a mixed metal arrangement to add interest.  


Jayne Coulson


The headline image is from Sarah Haynes and can be found at http://www.sarahhaynes.net/
The enamelled heart pendant is from Elaine Charlson at Mead Moon Handcrafted Jewellery and can be found at http://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/123133417/enamelled-heart-pendant?
The bird twig ring 'Pete' is from Jesa Marshall and can be found at http://www.jesamarshall.co.uk/Enchanted%20Collection.htm
The hibiscus lampwork glass necklace is from Erika Price and can be found at http://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/105254778/lampwork-glass-necklace-handcrafted?ref=shop_home_active_1

All images are copywritten to the artists - please respect the integrity of featured jewellers and their work



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