Jewellery Trends for Summer/Autumn 2010

This year marks a significant change for the jewellery industry. With a changing world economy, jewellers have found themselves forced to re-invent their product lines in order to remain in business, with many high end jewellers selling ranges that are considerably less expensive, to the same clients.


Recession dressing is back with a vengeance and if economic forecasts are to be believed, it may be here for some time. We are all poorer in our pockets but we want to feel richer – hence an abundance of gold clothes on the high streets and jewellery that is BIG!


Frugal times are good for design creativity. Jewellers have to produce attractive, desirable jewellery without the instant kudos of precious metal and gemstones – the news is that ‘creative’ is very on trend!

Top trends for 2010 are:

Statement necklaces – big, bold, unusual asymmetric designs rich with texture, bright colours and multi-strands

Big cuffs & bangles – big & bold again, large stones & heavy design elements. Charm bracelets are still here but now they are bigger & more heavily loaded.

Cocktail rings – yes, you’ve guessed it, big & bold. Bright colours with daring designs
Hoop & chandelier earrings – with added embellishments such as crystal beads or smaller metal elements.

‘Lucky’ jewellery – trend spotters have reported increased sales in jewellery with an auspicious element – think wishbones, clover leaves, horseshoes, even fortune cookies!

Symbolism – clients are eager for pieces with a story. Unique detail & elements are what is making jewellery ‘precious’ now – consider fingerprint jewellery, birthstones and narrative pieces.

Colours – for this season are balanced towards yellow & warmer hues. Coral, smoky quartz, champagne diamonds, topaz and garnets will all be popular this Autumn

Think big
Think unique
Think creative

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