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How do you check a jewellery seller website you land on that is displaying the official GoJD logo and the maker claims to be a member, is actually that and, in the case of claiming to have PPL insurance cover for their products or when exhibiting at a craft fair for example, is actually covered?


Qualifying members of The Guild of Jewellery Designers have access to a unique script that can be installed on their website. This script displays a logo or insurance badge relevant to their membership. When it's clicked or tapped on, an information box appears displaying various information and links to areas of the GoJD relevant to that member. In the case of a Gold member with Products and Public Liability insurance cover, their insurance badge confirms that the member has adequate cover for the protection of their customers.


All members agree to abide by the governing rules of The Guild of Jewellery Designers on signup, but some members do not have the capability to add the member script to their website or simply do not have a website to display it on.


In these cases, please contact The Guild of Jewellery Designers directly for confirmation of membership stating the member name as a minimum and, if possible, company name, website address and membership number.


Unscrupulous jewellery makers do claim to be members of the Guild of Jewellery Designers to increase their credibility as a maker, so confirmation should always be sought by checking their credentials as best you can, especially if a large value commission is being discussed.


***AVAILABLE NOW!!*** New membership number verification tool for members unable to install their unique script on their website. Check by membership number for extra confidence.



Bonafide members of The GoJD agree to abide to the following:




1. To maintain the highest level of personal integrity, honesty and business ethics (best practice).

2. To comply with all Government laws and regulations relating to the jewellery, watch and related industries.

3. To support and abide by the objectives of the Guild of Jewellery Designers and this Code of Ethics.

4. To provide a standard of product and service of the highest possible quality commensurate with price.

5. To support and encourage the development of young British jewellery designers in our community.

6. To provide knowledgeable and competent expertise and clearly indicate the true quality of products offered for sale.

7. To adhere to sound business practices and thus ensure continuing service to customers and suppliers alike.

8. To refrain from all forms of design copyright and trademark infringement.

9. To refrain from trading in conflict diamonds.

10. To give consumers the ability to make an informed choice when purchasing jewellery.


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