WNS have been manufacturing and supplying a vast range of quality Sheet Metal Working Machinery and Hand Tools for 30 years. Predominantly specialising in Pittsburg Lock Rollforming Machines alongside machine service, workbenches for jewellers and crafters, repairs and spare parts for Lockformer , Oliver, Edwards and more.

We also consistently buy, sell and recondition used machinery.

WNS have been manufacturing Sheet Metal Working Machines since 1981, specialising in ROLLFORMERS and PITTSBURG LOCK ROLLS. Our machines are precision built in our own factories ensuring the maximum standards and the highest quality. Our products are built for productivity and long working life.

WNS predominantly supplies products & service to the HVAC industry, however due to the versatility of our Rollformers and diversity of our other products, we now collectively encompass customers from Car & Bike Restoration, Jewellers, Sign Manufacturers and Armourers to name a few!

Rubberwood Workbenches

Rubberwood is one of the most durable lumbers currently being used in the construction industry and manufacturing of furniture, flooring, toys and more. It has very little shrinkage making it one of the most stable construction materials available and due to it’s latex properties has very little tendency to crack or warp. Rubberwood is strong, flexible and also resistant to fungus, bacteria and mold. It offers absolutely no compromise on quality, workability or finish when compared to other more conventional hardwoods.

After the economic life of the rubber tree, (Iaka Pará or Hevea brasiliensis!) when latex yields had diminished the trees were felled and burned to enable new ones to be planted. Today, AFTER the trees complete their natural latex producing cycle and die, they are felled but now saved for a huge variety of end uses. Unlike other timbers the trees are never cut down purely for the use of industry production. Most importantly rubberwood is the most ecologically friendly lumber currently available; as what would otherwise go to waste is now constructively being used.



*WNS are pleased to offer a 10% discount on workbenches, guillotines, croppers and shears to Gold members of the Guild of Jewellery Designers.

Please state your membership number when ringing with your order.*





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