Carole Allen has been making Jewellery since 1999 and sells her work through galleries and at direct selling events, as well as online.

She works with silver, enamel and also anodised aluminium and teaches these subjects at beginner and intermediate level in her well equipped studio in Cornwall. Classes are always small, with a maximum of 4 students, which enables Carole to give everyone lots of attention.

Jewellery classes Cornwall

Her beautiful new spacious studio on the periphery of Camborne is fully equipped to teach Jewellery making and enamelling classes for beginners or those with more experience. These jewellery classes can be tailored to your needs, and suits people wishing to learn to make jewellery for professional reasons, or those wishing to unwind and have fun. Subjects covered are silver Jewellery, enamelled panels and anodised aluminium jewellery.

Holiday in Cornwall

Why not combine a holiday in Cornwall with a jewellery class. Her studio is easily accessible by road and rail.

Dates are flexible, weekends are often favoured by students but she can usually accommodate most requests as long as she is not away at a craft event.

Please contact her to discuss details, dates and requirements.

Jewellery Studio

Carole has a full range of large and small equipment, including specialist tools such as a Bonny Doon hydraulic press, rolling mill, guillotine, kilns, blanking tools, flatting press, pendant and pillar drills etc.

Classes can be of one or two days duration and evening classes are also on offer for locally based students.

The cost of a one day course (excluding materials) is £95, two days is £170 and evening classes are £40 for a 2 hour lesson. If 2 people are attending, the cost per day is reduced to £70 per person and for 3 people it's £60 per person. However, the value of the jewellery you take home on the day will often exceed this cost. The materials for a ring are roughly £5, a wire bangle would be about £15 and a pendant would be about £5 (based on current silver prices, so this will vary).

Carole has also found that it is easier to be flexible with the dates than to set them in advance.

As a Gold Member of the Guild of Jewellery Designers you will receive a 10% discount off normal prices.



Carole Allen Jewellery

16 Killivose Road



TR14 7RN

Phone: 01209 715605

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